5 Essential Patio Design Tips

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A good-looking patio is a key component of any modern garden and there are plenty of ways to give yours a unique and interesting look. From stonework and patio furniture to plants and multi-level design, the only limit is your own imagination.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at five essential patio design tips that can help you make your dream garden a reality.

Single or split level patio?

If you have the room, a great way to make your patio area stand out is to raise it up from the ground level. This can be done by building up a flagged patio area, or by excavating the lower end of your garden and re-sowing the lawn afterwards. Whichever approach you take, it creates a dynamic, multi-level effect, splitting your garden into two distinct zones that can be bridged with a wooden walkway or a set of stone steps.

Choosing the right stone for your patio area

There are plenty of ways to go about paving your patio. From natural stone slabs in granite, marble, sandstone and slate, to block paving, poured concrete, and ceramic tiling, there are so many options to choose from. Different materials require different levels of upkeep and some are easier to install than others. However, concentrate on how these different types of stone and man-made paving solutions contribute to the look of the patio, rather than the effort involved to fit them.

Making space for outdoor furniture

Patio furniture has evolved over the years. A far cry from the folding chairs and plastic tables of yesteryear, modern patio furniture includes comfortable rattan sofas, decorative fire pits, hanging basket chairs, and so much more. If you dedicate one part of the patio for seating, it gives you lots of options for arranging a cosy, snug area. You can even have furniture built into the patio itself, by including a raised bed with a wooden bench. The perfect seating solution – just add cushions!

Including room for plants and planting

The old-school British patio comprised a single paved area stretching out as far into the garden as you were prepared to go. These days, there is no need to be so regimented in your approach. You can leave gaps in your paving for plants, flowers, or trees. You can create a paved patio peninsula, with borders on three sides for laying beautiful flower beds. With a bit of imagination, there are all kinds of ways to integrate plant life with your new patio.

Overhead additions

Overhead additions can add a lot to your patio area, from cover to support for hanging lights. Awnings, pergolas, and even gazebos can add some vertical structure to your patio that might otherwise be lacking. You can also use them to create distinct zones, perhaps by centering them over your outdoor furniture.

Design advice for patios: final thoughts

If you need help designing the perfect patio in Bromley or the broader Kent area, then speak to Fost & Co today. Not only can we assist with the design aspect of your patio, our skilled team of groundsmen and landscapers provide a high-quality installation every time. Call us today on 0207 118 1616 or 07738 251497, or send us an email to: info@fostandco.co.uk for your free, no-obligation quote.


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